Breath Taking Hikes & Waterfalls Hot Springs !

Mandy Toomey @mandytoomey

Green Lake Park and Ride (south lot) - Seattle, WA
6498 8th Ave NE

Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 AM

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How about some hiking and waterfalls. Then end the day in hot springs. Come join us on adventure. Our very own Mandy. Will host this adventure. RSVP today. Beacon Rock Trailhead. A dizzying mile-long switchback trail takes you up 848-foot Beacon Rock, but that's not the only way to a tip-top experience. Rock climbing and hiking to waterfalls are the rage at this park, where there are plenty of vantage points for eagle-eye views. Hike the core of a volcano! An easy-moderate walk up this 845ft tall remnant of a 57,000 year old eruption. Beacon Rock is a the core of an ancient volcano. The trail up Beacon Rock is short and manageable for day-hikers of all ages, at just under a mile each direction. It is well maintained, although not paved most the way. We have breathtaking waterfalls everywhere near Washington. If you were to stop at every one of our state’s cascades, it could take days – maybe even weeks. Lower and Upper Falls Creek Exceptional falls, with well marked trails following the river the entire length. The falls are amazing and the hike is fairly doable for any skill level. Get there early. Panther Creek Falls is one of the most unique waterfalls in Skamania County. There are 2 tiers of segmented waterfalls, 50-70 feet in height. They both empty into the same basin. Short hike with powerful waterfall and lush greenery. Come experience the grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge, one of the United States' most photographed Natural Scenic Reserves. We will drive along the oldest scenic highway in the U.S., stopping at sweeping viewpoints, flowing falls, a historic lodge . And eat at some of my favorite places . If you’re up for the ultimate adventure, here’s an easy trip we will take to see falls from Seattle. After the Hikes. We will end the trip at a Family Restaurant. For great food. After the Hike we will relax in Carson Hot springs. This unplugged, hot springs property dating back to 1901 is a historic area. This place is a hidden gem. If we are lucky. You will have your own clawfoot tub with a salt wrap. We will charge per hour at a rate of: $30.00 per hour weekends (Fri-Sun) and holiday Or Community Pool for $15. Either way you will relax. Great place for a hot soak and wrap. Very relaxing experience ! We will need drivers, $25 gas cost will be given before the trip, We will congregate to the park and ride and separate into the driver vehicles. Please pay the driver before the trip. You will need to pay for your food and activities while on this trip. We will have name tags for all my events. So I get to know your name and makes it easy to mingle. Two no show policy will be applied. RSVP ETIQUETTE: Since we have limited space I ask that you be considerate of others and commit to your RSVP. Your no-show may prevent someone else from attending and you from attending other limited events like this. Remember if you miss this event. You'll miss an awesome experience . ***As far as this event system goes, participation is voluntary and you attend at your own risk, and that Organizers are indemnified.