Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 7:30 PM - 9:15 PM (GMT+4)

BOOT CAMP Fitness Solution (Dynamic 2019) in Abu Dhabi

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BOOT CAMP Fitness Solution New style Dynamic 2019 Boot Camp Program depends on special type of distinguished professional exercises which help maximize joint muscle resistance including strength, nerves and high endurance. Moreover, Boot Camp exercises help crumble fats and then burn them through using them as energy for doing the efforts of applied training moves. We also stimulate muscles for completing the building process and forcing fats out of the body for longer days. Boot Camp Program physically qualifies you to take part in any activities, sports competitions, local and international Olympic games. The training system applies a professional technical method according to basic rules aiming to enhance the internal kinetic energy to reflect on the performance of exercises, so that positive results will come out within a few weeks to see the difference for an ideal, well-built body. Boot Camp Program grants you courage and personal confidence. Moreover, the collective training atmosphere inspires high enthusiasm. The program is considered a good opportunity for you an all, so take part with us. Supervised by Program Founder Together for a healthy life. 60-minute session, 3 days a week for 8 weeks only to get wonderful results Training Benefit 10 minutes of Boor Camp are equal to 30 minutes of other exercises Boot Camp Requirements Training must be exercises outdoors; e.g. forests, parks, or on the beach Training days should not exceed 3-4 days a week Ages between 16 and 55 years old are permitted to be enrolled Suitable for both men and women It is preferable to register all body details before attending the training 30 minutes before attending the training, it is preferable to drink any energy drinks; e.g. Caffeine or juice containing good vitamins for persons suffering from laziness or body weakness due to little movement. *Dates of Abu Dhabi Training Days: Every / Sunda / Tuesday / Wednesday / Training Hours: 7:15 to 08:30pm *Dates of Dubai Training Days: Every / Saturday Monday Training Hours: 7:15 to 08:30pm To join 05213335757 or

BOOT CAMP Fitness Solution (Dynamic 2019) in Abu Dhabi

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BOOT CAMP Fitness Solution (Dynamic 2019) in Abu Dhabi
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