Blueberry Hike! 13M : DWG Nat'l Recreation Area • Mt Tammany • Sunfish Pond


Dunnfield Creek Natural Area - Columbia, NJ

Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 1:15 PM - 10:00 PM

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Advanced, fast-paced, hardcore Hike! Expect a challenge! -- 13 miles -- Join us Saturday, August 3, 2019 at 9:15 AM (sharp!) for a hike exploring the beautiful Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Worthington State Forest! Be prepared to warm-up with a challenging 1.5 mile climb up the steep, rocky Mt Tammany for a breathtaking view of the Gap. We will then complete a circuit with multiple stream crossings, challenging elevations, a visit to the rock sculptures along Sunfish Pond and an opportunity to take a refreshing dip in Dunnfield Falls. • Distance: 13 miles • Elevation Gain: ~2800' • Pace: 2.5-3.5 mph • Duration: 8.5 hours IMPORTANT NOTES: • Bring water shoes, quick dry/quick change clothes and a small towel. We will be swimming in Dunnfield Falls • Remember to hydrate before the hike and bring plenty of water! • Keep your eyes (and ears) out for rattlesnakes and copperheads common to this area. • Dogs welcome! Please note in comments if you are planning to bring your pooch! • While this is anticipated to be a fast-paced hike, expect frequent stops to enjoy the trail & allow the group to regather. Thank you for being mindful of group unity. • With any luck, blueberries will be at peak, so remember a bag to collect them along the way! • Please plan to join us for dinner at The Gem and Keystone Brewpub after the hike! We may even have time for dessert at Zoe's Ice Cream Emporium open 'til 9:00 at the Castle Inn! _____________________________________________________ Cast of trails in order of appearance... (-; ...: Red Dot Trail - Mt Tammany (Red Blaze) Blue Dot Trail (Blue Blaze) Dunnfield Hollow Trail (Green Blaze): Multiple stream crossings! Appalachian Trail (White Blaze) Garvey Springs Trail (Orange Blaze) Rockcores Trail (Green Blaze) Douglas Trail (Blue Blaze) Appalachian Trail (White Blaze) Holly Springs Trail (Red Blaze) Dunnfield Hollow Trail (Green Blaze) Blue Dot Trail (Blue Blaze) _____________________________________________________ NOTICE: By attending an event you are agreeing that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AT ALL TIMES. No member of the group EXCEPT YOURSELF can be held responsible for any damages, accidents, or liabilities incurred while hiking with us. __________________________________________________________ ** Carpool does not mean a free ride...please be courteous to your driver and compensate fairly. Small sedan = 15.26¢ per mile + tolls Medium sedan = 17.76¢ per mile + tolls Large sedan = 20.99¢ per mile + tolls Small SUV (FWD) = 17.57¢ per mile + tolls Medium SUV (4WD) = 21.09¢ per mile + tolls Minivan = 20.1¢ per mile + tolls 1/2-Ton, Crew-Cab Pickup (4WD) = 23.18¢ per mile + tolls Hybrid = 13.19¢ per mile + tolls Electric = 11.28¢ per mile + tolls _____________________________________________________ Red Dot Parking Area, I-80, Hardwick, NJ, GPS Coordinates: 40.971932, -75.123211 Gem and Keystone 526 River Rd Shawnee on Delaware, PA 18356 570-424-0990 Castle Inn/Zoe's Ice Cream Emporium: 20 Delaware Avenue Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327 570-213-7858 GPS Coordinates: 40.983168, -75.140160 Open 'til 9:00 PM