Blue Dance Series - Wednesdays 7p-8p

Jeff Miller @jeffmiller3

757 Dance-Lynnhaven - Virginia Beach, VA
2720 N. Mall Drive, Unit 196

Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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BLUES DANCE SERIES 7p-8p - Wednesdays in June-July-August at 757 Dance-Lynnhaven, 2720 N Mall Drive-Ste 196, Virginia Beach VA 23452 - Between CiCi's Pizza & Book Exchange. Taught by 18-yr veteran Blues Dancer and Blues Musician - Jeff Miller - looking to help you find that "BLUES BLISS" between you, your partner, and the music. Blues Dance Techniques is perfect for the pure beginner or experienced dancer. Explore the world of BLUES DANCE CONNECTION - heart of Blues dancing. If you are looking for better partner connection or just to build on what you know, then this class will go over several techniques when the music gets groovy and kicks it up a notch. Learn core moves, connections, & combinations that will give you a solid understanding so you can add Blues Aesthetic when the music has that special A.S.S. to it. COST: Monthly pass $50 (5wk punch card) or $15 Drop-ins. Beginner thru Intermediate focusing on Blues Aesthetics & Partnership. Beginners always welcome and Experience/Partners not needed. 7:00p SHARP! - BLUES DANCE BASICS & AESTHETICS Each dance style has its own core basics and Blues is no different. Learn the basic patterns and solid foundations to get you groovin' on the dance floor. Explore the world of CONNECTION - heart of of Blues dancing. 7:15p TECHNIQUES & TOPICS: each week we will cover various techniques based on the needs of each class covering the several styles of Blues Dance based on the different speeds and tempos of Blues Music: Slow Drag • Drag Blues • Jookin' Blues • Ballroomin' Blues • Struttin' • Solo • Aesthetics & Foundations • Micro Blues • "Open" Blues • Slowmentum Since BLUES MUSIC is all sorts of full of emotions, riffs, solos, breaks, and playful rhythms, every class will teach several different aspects of dancing with the music and formulating fresh ideas. Even if you’re brand new or have been dancing for years, you'll come away with a better automatic sense of interpreting the music. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ABOUT JEFF MILLER Jeff has been the driving force in the Swing & Blues Dance scene in Hampton Roads for over 18 years. He has taught and DJed across the country in countless workshops, exchanges and fun events bringing all sorts of musicality to his style of dance and laughter. His teaching style has developed into a form of "Dance Zen" where he helps dancers LEARN to the history of dance as well as the patterns, not just regurgitate the steps. You will learn how to dance WITH your partner, not just AT them. From Foundations to Advanced Techniques and even Aerials, his teaching style obeys and breaks the rules by encouraging dancers to learn and create patterns on their own.