A World Beyond Greed - Paul Collier and John Kay in conversation with Linda Yueh

How To Academy@howtoacademyofficial

Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

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"Join two of the UK’s leading economists as they call for an end to extreme individualism as the engine of prosperity. Successful societies are rare and fragile. Throughout history, they have achieved a balance between two sides of human nature – the instinct to co-operate, and the instinct to compete. Institutions that channel those instincts towards the greater good are the difference between prosperous, thriving societies and ones paralysed by discord. We could not have built the modern world without harnessing these dual instincts – but in recent decades the balance between them has been dangerously skewed to extreme individualism, polarising our politics and weakening our ability to cooperate with one another. Now preeminent Oxford economists Paul Collier and John Kay join How To Academy to make an impassioned argument for a new kind of politics – reversing the moves toward tribalism and extremism, bringing prosperity back to decaying communities and overturning the greed that has degraded corporate culture. As the world emerges from an unprecedented crisis, we have a unique opportunity to examine society afresh and build a better world."