A Course In Miracles Study Group

Heather Clarke @heatherclarke

261 Bahia Ln W - Litchfield Park, AZ
261 Bahia Ln W

Thu, May 2, 2019 at 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM

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Our Course in Miracles Group is a little different from other groups as we study books based on the Course. We have finished our study of The Judgment Detox and are ready to jump into the fascinating messages from A Course in Love, as received by Mari Parron. A Course of Love is considered a "continuation" of the Course in Miracles and is a course to establish your identity and end the reign of the ego. A Course of Love is a living course that empowers us to recognize, through our felt experience, the truth of who we are as human and divine beings-a truth much more magnificent than we could previously imagine. ACOL * Reveals a way of direct knowing of truth. It takes us beyond learning as Jesus nurtures our inner unity by inviting “wholeheartedness,” the union of mind and heart. * Brings to light the essential oneness of all, experienced through a holy relationship with everything. * Fosters radical forgiveness and goes beyond forgiveness to “active acceptance.” * Readies us to be “the second coming of Christ” and to create “a new world.” * Was received by Mari Perron over three years (1998-2001) in the same manner and from the same Source as A Course in Miracles. *Renews the revelation begun in A Course in Miracles. The relationship between the two courses is described this way: “A Course in Miracles attempted to dislodge the ego-mind that has provided you with an identity that you but think you are. A Course of Love then followed in order to reveal to you who you truly are.” (T2:4.3) * Stands on its own without need for readers to be familiar with A Course in Miracles. * Gently guides the reader from the experience of separation to the experience of union, which is also to experience the power of God and the force of love. We have a wonderful group of 10-14 people attending every week and appreciate Dr. Isela Garcia for being willing to facilitate the group. Treat yourself and join us! Order your copy of the book from Barnes and Noble or from Amazon. You can get a reasonable price when you order a used copy. Join us whenever you can. It doesn't matter if you start at the beginning or in the middle. Whenever you show up is exactly when you are supposed to start. Hope you can join us! Questions? call Heather at 623-694-4499