10,000 Steps or 4.25 to 5 miles


335 E Linton Blvd - Delray Beach, FL
335 E Linton Blvd

Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 8:45 PM - 10:45 PM

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Let's do some walking people! It's a great way to keep moving and stay fit. We can build up to some serious walking, but for now let's start out with 10,000 Cheryl steps (which is about 4.25 miles). We can stop for some sort of snack, coffee, smoothie, salad or whathave you either along the way or after the walk. Whatever the group decides is fine. We can be flexible with the route, but for starters let's begin with "The Loop" from Linton north on Federal to Atlantic Ave, east on Atlantic Ave to A1A, then south on A1A back to Linton, west over the bridge to the Carrabbas parking lot.